Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disney Character Autograph Albums

I created this video to show how I made the autograph albums that my nephew and niece to to Disney with them a few weeks ago.


Angelica said...

What a fun auntie you are, Heidi! We are going to Disney World in April, and I am excited to try this out for my girls. Even though they'll only be 2 and 1, I think this would make a wonderful keepsake. Thanks for posting your videos!! I love them.


Sarah said...

I love this and am going to make it for my 2 year old when we go to Disneyland in August. I do have a few questions though. What size did you cut the tags? Did you cut the little squares using the Cricut as well? Did you draw the boarders or did you use the markers with the Cricut?

jacobsonbruce said...

This is a really cute book. I love the idea of making decorated tags. Then, after we get home, I can put the tag in our scrapbook with a picture of my daughter with the character, I think I like that idea better than a seperate autograph scrapbook.