Saturday, July 31, 2010

Basic Layering using the Cricut Expressions

I've had some requests for a video explaining the layering process using the Cricut. Most of the cartridges have layers. Some of the older cartridges have their layering as the two main cuts (base cut plus base cut using the shift key). This is so for New Arrival, Doodlecharms and Christmas Cheer. Then there are some cartridges that have only one layer button, like Joys of the Season, Once Upon a Princess, Locker Talk and Stretch Your Imagination. The licensed cartridges (Disney, Sesame Street etc.) have typically three layer buttons.
For this tutorial I used Create a Critter. This cartridge has three layer buttons. I hope this helps anyone who might be confused about layering and how to cut each layer.
thanks for watching!!

Part One

Part Two

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Kim H said...

What an awesome tutorial! I can see why you are in education~ your voice is so pleasant and kind sounding! I love how you store your cartidges~ totally agree about taking them in and out of their original boxes!
Kim H